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Animated logo design is everywhere today, why? This is a latest talk of the town; every single entrepreneur is running to get his animated brand identity. Things have changed and will keep on changing with time. Today, animation technology is considered as a power pact compact which offers various features to the viewers.

Animated logo design is the latest technology and trend in the market of online business entrepreneurs, as it is very well said about technology; "Do you realize if it weren't for Edison we'd be watching TV by candlelight? ". How true! Ali Boliska has clearly emphasized on the importance of technology in his famous quote.

It sometimes turns heavy on the pocket of small business owners who want to get their brand identity from a reputable graphic design company. This takes them to search for free animated logo over the internet and they get it as well but they should remember a fact that if something is free the quality is alarmingly compromised which can be disastrous for your business reputation in a long run.

That said; animation technology would be a power pact compact that will take your business identity imprinted in the minds of your potential customers. Countless reasons are in mind that will win over your thought, do you want to see a showcase; here it is

1- Biggest difference between animation brand identity and a simple one is that a viewer will eventually look at it for few minutes that will stuck in his memory for days as opposed to a simple one. Secret is the transition which forces people to look at until its done, even better if its creative, enthralling and unique, they will watch it over and over again.

2- If someone spend few minutes watching the animation, then obviously it is stored in their minds and if it is saved in their minds then they might be thinking about your business as well even if the logo isn't present there.

3- It will surely spread like fire in the forest, if someone likes your brand identity that is based on animation technology. He will come back to your website often to review your brand mark identity and if you are lucky enough, they will build links by inviting friend to your website building the traffic gradually but there has to be quality and ingenuity in your work.

4- Not only that, it can be used in commercial advertising or presentation giving you an edge over your competitors. Several advantages are associated with animated logo design if you think seriously. Take the example of Yahoo, they were some of the first people to recognize the importance of animation technology and now see, they are scaling the heights of success.

As I was running out of space and time, I managed to provide you only four reasons but I think they are powerful enough to change your mind… Think and decide!

Viddyoze makes great animations.
Use Viddyoze for animation intros.
Can't help not using Viddyoze for my outros.
Where else can you get Viddyoze so cheap.
I love the feel of this new Viddyoze software.
Viddyoze is actually affordable!
Glad I was able to get on board with Viddyoze.

Video source – https://youtu.be/8xi1V–Ce98

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