Anik Singal


Anik Singal holds a degree in financing from the University of Maryland at College Park, graduating in 2005, after which he signed up with the university’s VentureAccelerator.


In 2004 Singal founded Affiliate Classroom, later on relabelled Lurn Inc in 2009, with $100 in seed money. The company developed online academic programs and support to Internet business owners, particularly online marketers. The programs developed a finest practices system for Internet marketing in its early stages of advancement. The business belonged to the Mtech’s Technology Advancement Program incubator from 2007 to 2009. In 2007 he also opened brand-new offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad, building up about $1.5 million in profits that year. Since 2009, about 21,000 students had actually registered in Lurn programs. Singal has actually also taught some courses for Lurn personally.

VSS Mind

In 2012, Singal founded VSS Mind, meaning Visualize Strategize Select. With a concentrate on Digital Product Creation, their passion is teaching individuals how to Visualize an objective, Strategize a plan, and Select actions that turn dreams into truth. Their digital products have actually gotten rave evaluations by both students and other affiliate marketers alike – with Singal’s last Profit Academy Launch doing over $11.5 Million in sales.


In 2011 Singal began producing the action movie “Lethal Commission” in Mumbai, India, in which he played the lead function charged with “tracking down a secret software ready to leakage into the world” according to the Times of India.

Anik Singal is the author of a number of books. His earliest book, published on the 8 March 2012, is entitled 10 Website Triffic Tips and is offered on Amazon Kindle. Since 2012 he has actually published a further 4 books. In October 2013 Anik launched “Driving with Shambo: The Story of a Fallen Entrepreneur Who Found Inspiration in one of the most Unlikely Place” which informs the story of how Anik began his multi-million dollar company out of his dormitory space. In 2015 Anik published three books, The Circle Of Profit, The Email Lifeline and his most current book (launched 6 October 2015) Passion To Profit.

Individual life
Singal has been named a Top 3 Young Entrepreneurs by BusinessWeek and twice as an Inc 500 CEO. In 2008 Singal donated a gift of $50,000 to his alma mater’s Hinman CEOs Program, and ended up being the chair of the Hinman CEOs Alumni Fund.


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