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Today, this is about Walt Bayliss product Hydravid Xray for Analysis Review.¬†There are a lot of product launches monthly that I merely cant test them all. Because if this I have an actually easy guideline when attempting to decide which online marketing product I’m going to review. I look into the affiliate page and I ask myself a basic question. Does the description of this product get me thrilled? If it does, I get a review copy and report on exactly what I found throughout screening, if it does not I generally pass on even asking for a review copy.


Hydravid 2.0 is one that got me thrilled. But why?

Hydravid Xray for Analysis

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Well first of all video marketing is the future of online marketing. In fact its not even the future, its the present, practically everyone who is earning income with IM is using video to some degree or another. Even me, I might just write my text reviews like I did a year earlier, however as any of my long term readers will certainly have discovered, now I frequently include a video too. The reason for this is simple. Video is the online material of option.

The 2nd reason is because there have actually been so numerous terrific video creation products that have come out I knew that individuals (like myself) would want a product that is going to help them take advantage of these cool videos that they are making with Explandio and other software items. So I struck Walt up for a review copy and likewise asked to have a live Skype chat with him about this product.

So just what is the HydraVideo software everything about? Well initially let me say its name is fairly smart. For anyone who does unknown, a Hydra is the name for a mythical animal, a multi headed dragon. HydraVid is named well because that’s basically it is, its a multi headed dragon. Ok not truly its a desktop software application, however let me describe.

You see the regular procedure for people who wish to enter video marketing, and the one I generally follow, is this. You find a product you desire to promote, be it an IM product, an Amazon product, or a CPA product. You make a review or demonstration video of the product, or even a clever explaner video, then you publish it to YouTube. Then you hope like heck that you get traffic to the video. However there is a problem with this technique. The problem is the upload to YouTube part. Not that submitting to YouTube is a bad idea, its not. The issue is publishing to just YouTube. What about Vimeo, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, Flickr or all the other video networks? What about all the traffic, views, and clicks you could be getting from them? If you just uploading to YouTube your missing out on out on a great deal of views which in the end implies your missing out on a lot of potential sales and probably a lot of cash.

Things is that its a pain to walk around to all these various sites publish your video to each one, add a custom title and description to each one etc. In truth is such a discomfort that I was refraining from doing it. Although I understood refraining from doing it was most likely costing me sales and traffic. What can I state, the honest truth is that Im lazy. This is where HydraVid can be found in.


Its a desktop software application that is going to let me submit my video, with special descriptions and titles. to multiple video networks at as soon as. It enables spintax text in the description and title, which I can by hand get in or make use of among the optional services (Spin Rewriter and Best Spinner) that it integrates with. As soon as Im done, push a button and the software goes to work doing all the heavy lifting that I was to lazy to do myself. So now instead of having my video on one YouTube account, its all over the web. As I said it truly is simple to comprehend, the more places my video is, the more views complete its getting and the more possibilities I’m going to get making a sale from the video. I suggest really, whats the point in producing a cool review video or explainer video if only 20 people are going to see it anyway.

However thats not all this software application does. Besides uploading to multiple video networks Hydravid 2.0 will likewise publish my video to numerous YouTube accounts. Now when I initially heard that my first idea was. Are we allowed to have miltiple YouTube accounts? Walt said there is absolutely nothing in YouTubes TOS that states you cant, and sure enough, when I went and took a look at the TOS I might not find a thing that states this is not enabled. In fact I have multiple YouTube accounts, though I do not understand how I ended up with two of them. But why would you want to publish to multiple accounts? Simple. Because its simply more chances that your video will get views. Specifically since every one has a slightly unique title and description.

Still that is not completion of the automation that this software application offers. You can link your social media networks to this, and it will publish a connect to your selected network to your videos for you. This additional assists you get traffic. Its a nice little feature that I was pleased to see they included.

Besides all of that HydraVid includes a complimentary benefit YouTube keyword device that you can utilize to obtain some standard knowledge and understanding on exactly what videos are ranking and what ones are not. Ill be sincere when Walt was revealing me all the functions that this thing has I couldn’t help but think about 2 things. First I was questioning if there is anything this software does not do, second I was thinking. ugg I have to test all this things, this review is going to take hours (and it did).

Ok so there are 2 things that I don’t such as about this software application. Initially, as numerous IM software products do, this one touches among my personal pet peeve because it has actually no integrateded tutorials or assistance, and even connect to them, you need to log into the download location to see these or to get in touch with assistance. I understand I need to be starting to seem like a broken record discussing this the time, but I truly am troubled by it when software does not have some kind of aid in it. HydraVid does certainly have an assistance menu, however there is no assistance in it, simply an “About’ link.

The second thing I don’t like about this software is that it does not included an installer. You see this is a Java software application which is good because that implies it can operate on a Mac or on a PC. However it has no installer. This implies that you do not get a start icon or desktop shortcut with it. To run the software application you need to browse your computer system to where you downloaded it each time.

I found this to be a bit frustrating. As I said, Im lazy. Though to be reasonable you can simply manually develop a route on your desktop (which is what I did).

Ok so exactly what do I think about HydraVid over all? Well in spite of the truth that there are 2 (small) things that I did not such as about it, I love the idea and exactly what it does as a whole. I indicate if your looking to earn income online you nearly have to be benefiting from video marketing. If you are benefiting from video marketing you don’t need to be brilliant to comprehend that the more locations you put your video, the more views your video is getting, and the more possibilities you are going to need to make a sale from that video. This software has a fantastic idea since its based upon simple logic and sound judgment. But much more than that it automates what would usually be an excellent quantity of work to execute that reasoning. Im going to call this one a solid investment for any individual aiming to earn money online with videos no matter if its by promoting affiliate products, CPA offers, Amazon products, or even selling your own product. It just makes good sense to have your video all over the internet and not just on YouTube.

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