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Hi… Hal here.I'd like to answer the question, What Are Viddyoze?
Basically, Viddyoze are short video clips ( anywhere from about 6 – 20 seconds) that we can customize with your animated logo for your website, Facebook page, Youtube channel or Blog!  There are 5 types of Viddyoze…Stingers • Intros • Outros • Social • Transitions
Okay, so now you're probably wondering… What is a Stinger?
A stinger is very similar to an intro, and in fact a logo stinger or an intro can be used interchangeably. It's simply short video clip of your logo or text that is animated in a number of cool ways and appears dramatically onto the screen. For added impact, sound effects are often added.For added impact, sound effects are often added.
Check out these examples of all FIVE types of VIDDYOZE….
1. Stinger
2. Intro
4. Social
5. Transition
BTW -These clips can be used alone or as part of your longer videos. Sound effects are optional and included in the price.
Now here's the really good part… When you hire Sketch Videoz & More to create a 30 second up to – two minute Youtube video ad,  
you'll get a logo Stinger or Intro, and an Outro for FREE . Use the contact form on my homepage or contact page to describe how you would like yours customized and I'll contact you and let you know how to upload your logo, text, and any special instructions you would like us to have.

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